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by Gabriel

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Nameless 03:24
Caught up, I don't really trust anyone Lost sleep, I don't really love anyone Alone, the voices tell me I'm not So cold The faces tell me it's hot outside But do I really need fresh air? I don't know I don't really care
I reluctantly close the door, and stumble through the night But I can't find home anymore, I can't find the light This fragile ground is scorched by the failures of our past And our present is no different And the future is coming on fast So if you can't take one more pointless fight I know I can't take one more cautious night I can't take on more red eye flight, just to find you lost and hopeless I say if the sky falls down before we get back, and all the miles between us hurt so bad If I just can't stand to walk out your door Then we'll stay right here We'll find our way home tonight You're my home tonight
Don't cause a scene, everything you see it's yours Don't be obscene, everything we've been and abhorred Cast aside, your chains and your part time Don't give away, your money or your time Your time is now Our time is dwindling down This is our dying breath Your only sin I don't know where to begin This is our living death You're perfectly, amazingly more than I can bear I'm a sickly little creature, that's tangled up in your hair I see you every night in my dreams, but it's not enough And I'm in love with every single cell that makes you up Your time is now Our time is dwindling down This is our dying breath Your only sin I don't know where to begin This is our living death
Plug in And everything is fine Plug in To nature online It's real It's all the time I never need to go outside
To Believe 03:31
As a child I believed in peace, but now there's nothing that I can seem to believe in. Once we moved with such grace and ease, and we danced through the fields and trees. Now we falter with every step and we buckle at the knees. I'm afraid to walk out my door, and I'm shaken to my core. I'm afraid of what's in store. There is no love left for us, and there is nothing left to discuss. I see no hope of a future here, and I see no one left to trust. I'm afraid to walk down the street, because I'm afraid of what I'll see. What can I believe?
I Could 04:04
I'm afraid of myself And everyone else Nothing comes into my shell No one knows they live in hell Nothing means anything now No one seems to know how Things have gotten so bad The world is so empty and sad Fuck everybody they're all for themselves Meaningless bunches of meaningless cells They all go to hell, they can all go to hell Nothing will get through my shell Fool me I'm worthless and just for myself A meaningless bunch Of meaningless cells It's all so sad I Could Just
I can't find a reason, there's none to be found And I've been looking for answers, but there's no more around And I'm afraid of what's inside me, and how it all began And I'm afraid to touch a woman, and I'm afraid to be a man I don't know how to grow, I don't know who to believe I don't know where to go, and I don't know who to be Still I can't find a reason, and I can't find the light And I remember what you told me, and I'm afraid you might be right
I can't wait for more And I can't be your safe harbor when it storms I need more This isn't working anymore And the fire we built won't light the way, or keep me warm I deserve more I deserve more This thing is dying now, so dig a hole And I'm not lying, but I'm not whole, pieces of me that you stole I deserve more But I made my grave and I'll lie in it But I'd meant to say that I'd like it if We could turn back the clock To when I loved you and you weren't so cold This isn't working anymore And the fire you built won't keep me warm And the winds picked up, and my bones feel so frail and old So now I'm numbed by drugs and laptop screens And it's just as lonely as it seems And I'm not lying But I'm not whole
"Is anybody happy, or is rest only for the dead? I've wanted nothing, but for all of this to end. Don't you have a solution, that isn't just escape? Anything to make this all go away. Could you ever be alright? Don't you ever tire of the fight? There has to be someway, for me to make this all okay. And I'm sorry I wasn't there, And I'm sorry I didn't care. And now the sun won't seem to rise, now the sun won't light up the skies." I'm a product of my life I'm not wrong and I'm not right I'm a number on a screen I don't live I just breathe How can anybody be alright? Knowing that we're all going to die It could be today How can anybody be okay? I'm sorry that I wasn't there I'm sorry that I didn't care Now the sun won't seem to rise You lit up my skies
The world is sick and it's decayed People lack decency and I lack faith In anyone, or anything at all Things aren't getting better they're only getting worse The planet's dying and who's to blame Or who really cares the questions the same I guess our children will just have to bear the pain You kill the body, and I'll drive the hearse Things aren't getting better they're only getting worse I saw a man holding a sign that said "You've got yours but I ain't got mine. I could use some money, even just a dime," But I bet he was a liar, and his sorrow was all rehearsed You kill the body, and I'll drive the hearse Things aren't getting better they're only getting worse Things aren't getting better they're only getting worse Things aren't getting better they're only getting worse


We Hide, We Fight, We Starve, We Die


released August 23, 2014

All songs written and produced by Gabriel Wheeler.

All songs performed by Gabriel Wheeler except for "I always have", which was performed by Zahara.

Album art made by Elisa Charlene Reverman.


all rights reserved



Gabriel J. Wheeler Seattle, Washington


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